I was born in Bergamo, but I live and work in Lodi.

Art, creativity, have always been a part of me: since I was a child, I preferred colors, modeling materials and everything that encouraged me to create, build, invent.

The first professional approaches were aimed at pencil drawing, with inks, and then oil and watercolor painting. The first experiences in the field of sculpture are the next step, in 1987, and in the following two years I alternate the study of clay modeling, raku ceramics, with artistic techniques applied to various materials (glass, silk, paper).

Workshops in the glass sector ("lampwork") and resin led me to further experimentations, but the fundamental turning point occurred with the attendance of various courses concerning the processing of porcelain, noble material, defined in the past as "white gold" , used with personal techniques since 2005. Porcelain is still one of my favorite materials, it is elegant, resistant, light, but very difficult to model. This challenge is always intriguing.

In 2012 I created the EG Eleonora Ghilardi Ceramics & Jewels logo.

I then experimented with different materials and combinations in 2015/2016, for example Bio-concrete I. Active used for the construction of the Italian pavilion at Expo 2015, combined with resins and other materials.

The next step is to enroll in the Goldsmith School, where in a specific way I learn the lost wax casting technique: it was inevitable ... after years spent modeling and shaping various types of material, metal looks like a new world, unknown, charming, and he has always exercised a particular charm on me: my paternal grandfather was a founder, I never had the good fortune to know him, but I always admired the small sculptures he made, in bronze. This alloy specifically conquered me literally, thanks to its warmth, to the thought that ancient jewels were forged with it, it is resistant, but "variable", as its shine can change according to the skin of the person wearing the jewel. It also requires minimal care, periodic cleaning, and in my opinion this is a merit as it invites the person to take care of their jewel, consider it for what it really is: a meticulous, unique creation, made with love and which must be treated with respect. Alongside the bronze, there are also silver creations, fascinating, discreet and elegant. Based on the model I create in wax, its shapes, I decide whether to opt for the casting in red bronze, gold bronze or silver. My jewels are aimed at people who do not follow fashions or trends, who have a strong personality and strong tastes with a clear artistic inclination. People who choose a particular jewel as they understand that it can be an extension of their character and way of being and that will make them feel at ease. It is very interesting for me to capture the various opinions and immediately understand the affinity that a particular jewel creates with a certain type of person. The EG jewel is not a jewel to show off, it is, first of all, a conscious and targeted choice, driven solely by your taste and desire to wear a creation that completes us, makes us feel good and creates harmony.


Currently I combine various techniques in the creation of jewelry collections, furnishing accessories, installations, sculptures and everything related to home decor. All creations always have a concept, a common thread and are presented in various events and fairs in the sector, nationally and internationally and present in various galleries and showrooms.

Among the most important exhibitions, FASHION JEWELERY, November 2016, PALAZZO REALE - MILAN / GIOIELLI DI GUSTO - PALAZZO MORANDO - MILAN.


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