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Bomboniera feb-mar 2019


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I first met Eleonora in Bergamo. I know your ceramic labyrinth and the wanderer in her. I agree: the path of knowledge is having the courage to travel and get lost.Overall ceramic work of Ghilardi, I find that the choice made, the more difficult today, is that difficult to stand on the side of truth and freedom. Difficult is to choose when, to prevail, the seduction of furnishing accessories, made in materials that speak other languages (and therefore the appearance kills the truth); the matter is not what we think we recognize. Difficult when the condos, houses and villas are already conquered or besieged by hordes of small dreams passed off as art in ceramic, stone or glass.No matter if you work and decorated so naïve or hyper: why they are without character and, if painted, with cold paint models. Difficult for everyone is courage dipossedere less, but quality and truth.

Difficult for an artist you choose when you often claim to art convergence at a recognizable pattern that then you get bored forever.
Eleonora chose his ceramic labyrinth, but can't get lost; has its eternal thread of clay. Eleonora in tactile Totem, in his dream, in his final piecedyed models surfaces there are allegories or quotations, but layers of stolen those gestures of the music because the matter we see doesn't want to be anything but stupendously herself. 


Giovanni Cimatti

his teacher in the art of ceramics

Faenza 6 gennaio 2009


Difficult is to talk about his work, trying to analyze it and present it to those who read, because varied and different is its production. Eleonora unconsciously has already chosen his path, she knows that the stillness of a painting studio, where for years we proceed with the same way of working, is not for you. Experience in the very attempt to leave their mark on the everyday object is the real strength of this young man.            

Luana Raffuzzi (Painter)

To Eleonora Ghilardi is a creative act consciously tense, as an act of knowledge, ever deeper in the search of new dimensions, which reveal a beauty enhanced aesthetic and intrinsic values more sublime.In an ongoing relationship between various subjects, using different techniques and personal, for Eleonora Galloway ceramics "solidifies" ever, but it is in "constant expansion, reduction, lift," the transparency of glass are used sometimes as "memory" to collect the plots and Reweaving the different backgrounds.A "story" the production of Eleonora Ghilardi, which manifests itself in different aspects of taking sensations and emotions and even abstract, but from its existential reality reflected more real, the liveliest reverberations of its aspirations: a tale that expresses itself in throbbing wing flights "artist"        


Ugo Lo Russo (Journalist)

Just look at even an artwork of Eleonora Ghilardi to be captured by the idea that a place, a thought is also the narrative-in this case-that it is put.His art, in fact, is a precious tale that manifests every time the pursuit of unusual and expresses a pleasant layering of stories, pictures, stories about the thread of memory. Eleonora chasing the horizon, or rather tries to push it always a little farther. It is the search for those who experience, who tries to give shape to the dreams, desires, memories ... always in space where the unusual. A space that the artist returns to explore in every creation, seeking an antidote to uniformity, the obviousness, the already seen, to blindness to what is always equal to itself.        

His is a more current and innovative art that reveals, as a foundational property, an uncanny ability to get the message. The created object, be it a vase, a jewel, a sculpture, not only direct but never identifies a feature reveals a project, a concept, a mirage, an idea, a trace of lived that transform and transfigure thanks to the extraordinary artistic qualities of this "poet of matter".​ 


Paolo Gennari
Redazione Nonsolomoda - Canale 5

Explore is a verb that befits the artistic personality of Eleonora Ghilardi. Penetrate into the wonders of the world and bring with them the wonder to express it in sculpture. A sculpture, in true, rather "unusual", for the used material: porcelain.Sculpting with pottery means creating through the four elements, shape the ground with hands, dilute with water the dusty pigments of collage of engobes and entrust the body to fire, why not break because it colors. Means wait patiently for the air to cool the ardor of the flames to roll the dough with which, after a new crystalline plates, will capture the light in the opera. Mean time, care and passion.          

In the paintings-sculpture, pages of candida China modeled in overlapping layers, color tells impressions of travel to distant lands, places steeped in history or savages, off the beaten track, as well as those boundaries within which moves the inspiration of the artist: a fjord in Icelandic, an icy Bay in Alaska. The sheets of ceramic ripple in waves or, in three-dimensional sculptures, veritable billows from which seems to be able to hear the roar of the sea, when it shatters on the coast of Oregon.Eleonora's ceramics are solid objects that pulsate in the fragile unity of the layers from which they are formed, the life of the elements that compose them.​           

Elena Carrea - journalist and critic

The artistic creativity of Eleonora Ghilardi has reached and exceeded the imagination. Eleonora creates sculptural images with inexhaustible fertility sublime. His field of work has no limits: jewelry, brooches, earrings, necklaces in glass or ceramics designed, modeled and painted by hand, but, above all, in China, become, this, his experimentation in constant evolution. Modeling the porcelain is made with innovative techniques: paper-clay, black smoke effect tiles with sealed lands, glazes and engobes collage composition.Eleonora artistic creativity has evolved. For years its path, careful to grasp the signs of aging, thanks to application enhancement technique of China, has taken on a new prominence. The color pale strong now that now buy shades enhance jobs, which vary according to the imagination and creativity of the artist, in sublime magic configurations. 

Eleonora Ghilardi, appreciated and respected both in Italy and abroad-private and collective exhibitions demonstrate the success of critics and audiences--is a forge Inextinguishable alacre productivity. Stand out among the latest productions works in not insignificant size: vases, plates, compositions for the volumetric forms and chromatic representation not without reference to the forms of sensible reality, which sometimes fall outside the concreteness to intrude into the most utopian abstraction. An unreal world where there is a sense of purely conceptual, creative, not common spirituality, but always determined to specificity.           

Ugo Lo Russo (journalist)

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